Hello Freedom. Flexibility and Income.
Goodbye Procrastination.
I'll help you launch your start up in 7 days.
Hello Freedom. Flexibility and Income.
Goodbye Procrastination.
I'll help you launch your start up in 7 days.

ONLINE COURSES | Learn with Trisha

Turn your ideas into money

Test your idea in 5 easy steps

Got an idea for a product or service you love? Find out if your idea is going to work (or not). This course is delivered one day at a time direct to your inbox.

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Step by step instructions to identify a profitable niche and validate any type of product or service. Case study included.

Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to freedom, flexibility and income. You’ll learn valuable skills along the way, you can apply to any new ideas you come up with.

You’ll learn how to:

1) Find a profitable idea and niche

2) Test the idea, one bit at a time

3) Research the market and your competitors

4) Find out your point of difference and speciality

5) Websites you can test your idea on

6) Case study and personal stories included

Bonus: Multiple revenue streams to boost your income

Delivery: 1 e-mail a day for 5 days.

Who this course is for: Want to find out if your idea is worth pursuing? Market research at your fingertips.

Time to implement: 1 hour day, 5 days.

Can I outsource some tasks? Yes, but not recommended.

Cost: Free

Launch your startup in 7 days

For products or services

Get serious now. Start making money in 7 days. Without quitting your day job or freaking out. Or spending years building a business that goes no where.

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Everything you need to build and launch your product or service idea into a money maker. Video content, printable workbook, templates + plan.

You’ll learn how to:

1) Set up your 7 day launch plan

2) Set up business basics

3) Build the minimum you can sell

4) D.I.Y. logo and build a website in one day

5) Take it to market and where to promote your product/service

6) Launch and make a sale

7) Get customer feedback, refine your product / service

Delivery: Online course, videos, downloads, templates and more.

Who this course is for: You’ve got an idea for a start up and you want to see if it works without spending a year or two setting up a business, this course is perfect for you. Get no fluff advice you’ve been looking for.  If you’re ready to put in the effort, this course is worth your time.

Time to implement: 7 – 14 Days (depending on your available time)

Can I outsource some tasks? Yes, optional if you want to.

Enrolment: Open now, release 2nd January 2020.

DIY Digital Marketing

Marketing & selling without being pushy

7 Steps to building your brand, getting your product and service out there  and making money without discounting your products or sounding pushy.

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You’ve got a website, your product is ready and now you want to get traffic. Cool. Let’s make this happen. In this course you’ll learn what’s needed to market and be found by your customers.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to: 

  1. Build your brand that reflects your products
  2. Ideal customers (aka raving fan club)
  3. Email list
  4. Sales funnel, copy writing and S.E.O.
  5. Content calendar
  6. lead magnets
  7. E-commerce & payment gateways

3 Hot Bonuses

  1. Learn which social media channels work best to increase traffic
  2. Multiple revenue streams to increase your income and profit
  3. Passive income -vs- active income (pro’s and con’s)

Delivery: Online course, videos, downloads, templates and more.

Prerequisites for this course

A validated business idea, a website, positive attitude (this is what your customers see) and a willingness to put in the effort to get the best results. Expect amazing results equal to the effort you put in!

Who this course is for: Entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about their branding and online marketing.

Time to implement: 21 Days

Can I outsource some tasks? Yes

Enrolment: Open now, release mid January 2020

Turn your startup into a real business

Making your ‘gig’ legit – ready for success

Break free from the soul sucking 9-5 job and turn your profitable side hustle into a fully fledged business to support the lifestyle of your choice.

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This is the best business course you’ll ever need with my 20+ years experienced rolled into once precise no-fluff course.

If you’re in Australia, you’ll get more bonuses to help you navigate the whole A.B.N. and official paperwork side of things.

Other countries, you can apply these principles to any country, check with your local accountant and lawyer for local rules and regulations.

You’ll learn about:

  1. Registering your business
  2. ABN, GST or no GST? – Australia
  3. Easy budgeting, accounting and banking
  4. Intro to trademarks and patents (do you really need them)
  5. Logos, colours, fonts and branding
  6. Outsourcing business cards, brochures, marketing materials
  7. Swapping money for time – outsourcing your new best friend
  8. Getting paid, e-commerce, setting up payment gateways
  9. Developing multiple revenue streams
  10. Build a business you work on, not in it so you can have a life
  11. Building a saleable business and your exit plan
  12. Seed money and capital fund raising

This course is perfect for you if you’ve got a start up side hustle that’s making decent money and you’re ready to turn it into a full time income. Sleep well at night knowing you’ve got it covered.

Delivery: Online course, videos, downloads, templates and more.

Prerequisites for this course

A start up / side hustle you’re already making money with. A website is optional and recommended. A positive attitude (this is what your customers see) and a willingness to put in the effort to get the best results. Expect amazing results equal to the effort you put in!

Who this course is for: Entrepreneurs who are ready to set their business up for success with the 101 guide to getting it done right.

Time to implement: 15-21 Days (1 hour a day, online modules)

Can I outsource some tasks? Yes

Enrolment: Open now, release late January / early February 2020.

Enrol now to get the bonus 4 x 1 to 1 coaching calls within 30 days of launch.

MINI FAST COURSES (complete in 1 hour or less)

How to create and sell online courses

Teach your customers to D.I.Y. and create a passive income!

Did you know…  Short online courses are popular for busy people who want to learn specific skills and are willing to pay for it?

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Anything can be taught.

Whether your passion is making unicorn birthday cakes, golf, woodwork, graphic design, sewing, beer brewing, writing or even photography, there are customers out there waiting to learn from you.

One of the most frequently asked questions is why would someone pay when you can find so much information online (YouTube, Google etc)? There are two answers to this excellent question.
1: People want the recipe to learn. When you use search engines, it’s not a guaranteed recipe for success. There’s a lot of trial and error, a lot of time wasted going around in circles and no knowing of how long it’s going to take or even if the information is current and relevant.
2: People are busy. Time is money. I know myself that thousands of others are willing to pay an amount of money to get the exact skills they are missing, to go from A to B in minimal time. Traditional learning through textbooks and college is not so popular. Customers want instant learning and results, online courses deliver this and they are affordable too!

What kind of courses can I create?

You can create short video, text and audio courses. In this course I will show you how to create a course that is authentic to who you are and what you can teach.

3 Reasons why you should create and sell online courses

#1 Create a passive income 

  • You create the course once, post it online then update it as often as necessary.
  • Your course can be resold over and over again – creating a passive income.
  • Depending on how serious you want to be with your course, you can really invest a lot of time into building an active and engaged audience who loves what you offer and are willing to buy from you.
  • Some course creators are earning $135,000 to $220,000 USD per month on recurring income from their courses.

#2 Teach something you love and can help people do it too

They say do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. When you teach others what you love doing, it never feels like a chore, simply put, it brings great joy to your life and enriches others too.

#3 Learn more 

When you teach, you learn and indirectly improve your own skills and experience. You learn how to better communicate more effectively, you’ll learn to be more confident, how to use software and turn what might seem boring into something exciting.

What you’ll learn with this online course:

  • How to come up with a course idea
  • How to complete market research and validate your idea
  • How to name your course
  • Structure of a course
  • What to charge for your course
  • The difference price tiers
  • Difference between basic, intermediate and premium courses
  • Sample course layout you can copy
  • Sample templates for downloadable items
  • What to include in your course
  • Tips on recording and creating your course
  • How to outsource video editing (optional)
  • How to create a course platform
  • How to set up a payment gateway and get paid
  • What you need to write on your sales page
  • The key elements to an effective and interesting course that sells

Prerequisites for this course

  • An interest in any topic with experience in that area.
  • Willingness to learn the software and put the effort in.
  • Expect amazing results equal to the effort you put in!
  • Access to WIFI and preferably tablet, iPad, Notepad, Laptop or Desktop computer


Time to implement: 7-21 Days

Can I outsource some tasks? Yes

Enrolment: Open now, release mid January 2020

How to build an online shop

Build your store, sell stuff, set up payment gateways and product listings

Sell stuff. Products, services or both. It’s easy. Follow this course from start to finish and you’ll have your own shop in 1 hour!

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This is the best course you’ll need to build an online shop to sell anything.

What you’ll get:

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Build your own online store without paying developer
  • Set up payment gateways so you can get paid for each sale
  • Create product listings that customers love
  • Set up a product on your page
  • How to choose the background photo for your main page
  • Understand what type of photos to use
  • Link your shop to a Facebook page to sell on social media
  • Connect your personal domain
  • Name your shop
  • No expensive overheads

Examples of things you could sell 

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Electronics
  • Personal products
  • T-shirts
  • Plants
  • Craft and handmade things
  • Homewares, decor, garden things and car parts
  • Up-cycled furniture
  • Unlimited ideas!

Prerequisites for this course

  • Products or services you can sell
  • A name for your shop
  • Payment gateway information (you can link your PayPal or another method for payment when selling goods)

Optional for this course – Your own domain

Skill level – Easy

Who this course is for: Men and women looking to start a small side business selling products or services. Popular for craft and personal items.

Time to implement: 1-2 hours

Enrolment: Open now, release early January 2020

Course cost: $99 USD

Bonus Inclusions

1) How to list handmade products on multiple platforms for more exposure.

2) How to write effective product descriptions that get found by customers.

Things you need to know: 

You have two options for building an online shop.

Option 1:

  • Paying a developer to build you a custom site.
  • Cost anywhere from $3,000 USD upwards, depending on complexity.
  • Website will be costly and complicated to maintain.

Option 2:

  • Using a specialised software approx $30 USD a month (think of this as your rent), it’s all inclusive.
  • Set it up in an hour and start selling immediately
  • Avoid waiting weeks or months for a developer and paying a small fortune.

This online course teaches, option 2.

This is a great way to get started with online selling products and build trust with your customers through a professional brand and image.

Enrol in any of our paid courses today and

get these two bonuses absolutely free!

Make money working from home.

Bonus 1 – For any type of product or service based business

What kind of online business can I start? Stuck for ideas? You can do it and you can base it on a topic you’re really in to. Watch this video to learn more.

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Are you stuck for ideas?

Are you facing overwhelm?

Or knocking your head against the wall because you actually have too many ideas or don’t know what the options are to making money online?

Yep, I know, been there done that. The worst thing you can do is dilly dally and sit on the fence. You seriously just need to jump on the horse and get on with it. I’ll show you how.

You’ll learn about the 5 different ways to make money, find out which suits your personality type and how to monetise it. Earning and learning…..

  1. How to sell products you don’t own or ship
  2. How to make money from your hobbies and personal interests
  3. How to buy and re-sell products
  4. How to make passive and active income
  5. Setting up a consulting, coaching or personal services startup

This bonus will help you realise the amazing opportunities and how you can create your own startup side hustle to make money.

Writing and selling the sizzle.

Bonus 2 – Introduction to writing words that make money.

Every online business needs words. Words for marketing. Words for Facebook adverts. Words to sell stuff. Write words that make money.

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Step by step formula. Winning copy, without paying through the nose.

I’ll teach you how to construct perfect copy that sells.

  • Writing adverts to sell anything.
  • Writing listings for websites.
  • Writing website copy.
  • Writing effective emails.
  • Writing content for a lead magnet.
  • Writing for search engine optimisation.
  • Writing for social media.
  • Writing blogs.
  • Writing content calendars.

Templates you can download, print, copy and paste.

Even if you found writing hard at school, don’t worry it’s seriously possible to become a star if you follow my personal formulas. I’m paid $250,000 a year to write for one client. I’ll teach you what I do.

Here’s a preview of a few of the free resources at Fast Side Hustle.