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Get a sticky business name you’ll love!

Whenever someone asks me how to choose a business or product name, I’m excited because I know it’s time to have some fun with words and SEO. In this short yes very helpful article I’m going to tell you how to score the wicked combination of both name and domain at the same time without going crazy using this step by step system.


Selecting a sticky business name means…

  • Being instantly recognisable
  • Being easy to spell
  • No more than 3 words
  • Be as short as possible
  • Incorporate one SEO Keyword Phrase
  • Buying the .com and .com/your country extension
  • For Australia this is .com and

Here’s how to come up with a sticky business name idea

Step 1 – Pick your niche and audience / target market.

Step 2 – Research your niche online, spend at least one hour reading various articles about this niche to learn about common threads, problems and what type of content is available online.
Take a note of the keywords and key phrases you see including any words or phrases that spring to mind.

Step 3 – Use Keyword Keg tool, sign up for one month only. Type in the keywords and phrases to research and shortlist 1-2 words searched at least 1000 times per month and ranked lowly for competition.

Step 4 – Take this short list of phrases/words and go to
Type in one or more words and hit enter. Watch the results populate in front of you. Name Mesh will generate random words using the text you enter for domains that are available.

Step 5 – when you find a domain you like buy it from Site Ground (click here) don’t use Bluehost because they are very difficult to use and set up a new website plus their online support is slow to non-existent. Site Ground provide fantastic online support and very reliable hosting services. You can buy the domain and hold it there until you are ready to purchase hosting later.
Once you’ve picked your name and purchased the matching domain it’s time to register your name with your local government agency.
In Australia you will need to register the business name at Australian Business Registry and sign up for a tax file number. Speak to your accountant to get the right structure, whether it’s a sole trader, company, trust or other entity.


How to rank with Google

  • Select a business or product name that incorporates SEO.
  • Use this keyword phrase throughout your website.
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate, find information and is specific (to your niche).
  • Install SEO Yoast to your site and set up Google Analytics.
  • Use your keyword in the Headline, META and ALT Tags of your home page.
  • Complete on and off page optimisation.


Your blog should be focused on a niche and topic you’re passionate about and what others would find interesting.  Your blog should be solely on that niche and what others would find interesting.

Once you finish writing your blog, give yourself 48 hours break and come back to it with fresh eyes. Don’t be afraid to cut lots out and keep it succinct.

Always use an attention-grabbing headline. Interestingly 8 out of 10 readers will read the headline then stop there, only 2/10 will read the entire article. Your headline needs to be catchy because it’s what grabs the attention of your reader, make it standout.

What are the best blog topics you would recommend to a new blogger?

Leave your comments below.